Vipassana Examine App

en regard avec la technique

une application qui relate bien ce quest Vipassana. Manque juste un peu plus de clarté dans le compte à rebours : la différentiation entre le temps restant et le temps écoulé nest tres lisible et le gong qui est pourtant salvateur de fin de séance ou et Metta est tronqué sur la fin de sa tonalité ce qui est dommage. en espérant que les gentils donnateur feront le nécessaire pour remèdier à cela. Merci par avance pour ce Dhana...

thank you!

very good!

No-bell peace prize

This app was great at first, now the bell (gong) no longer works... Anicca, anicca, anicca. Craving and aversion!!!


Great app. Really enjoy (in an equanimous way) the simplicity. I feel Goenka chanting the closing chant as an option would bring the feeling your still on your retreat home. Thanks again :)

Love it! Put phone on Airplane mode

This App is so simple but all you need. I use either this or Goenka's audio recordings to do my daily sittings. A tip to not be disturbed by phone calls: I put my phone on Airplane Mode but not on silent mode. So the gong sounds after an hour but no other distractions. Be happy, be equanimous.

Thank you!

A nice little app. May all beings be happy :)

Great idea, has a big problem

I love the core functionality of the app. It's designed well, and I like the addition of the metta timer. But the fact that the timer does not go off if your phone is in silent mode is a no go. I need my phone on silent when I meditate so I'm not interrupted by calls and emails, and even if I do take it off of silent to use this app, I inevitably forget to put it on silent sometimes. If they fix that flaw, I may start using it again. Until then, it is a show stopper problem.

Be happy

Very nicely done...

May all beigns ba heppy

It's the way it should be. Just SIMPLE. If you guys want some enhancement, please add silent (vibration) option and some songs, which is played during the courses. Not sure about last. Thanks.


I was sure I was going to find something under Vipassana in the app store! Great ui. Is it hard to add statistics, so we can be more precise when the assistant teachers ask us how much we have been sitting? Do you need help? :-)


A simple timer, what more do you need. Works as it should. Cheers, Tim


I've been using this for 6 months now and love it. BUT all of a sudden, the gong is not ringing when time is up. The app just stopped 'gonging'. I've tried resetting my ipod as well as redownloading the app. No luck. I'm frustrated as I used this for my meditation. I hope this gets fixed. It was great until now.

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